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Atwood Primary Academy came into existence in January 2014 and as such became a ‘new school’ taking over from Atwood Primary School, which itself opened in 1960.  However, Atwood is built upon a much older settlement and so it is likely that children have been ‘educated’ hereabouts for thousands of years.

Archaeologists discovered that Atwood was once the site of an Iron Age village, from around 2600 to 1800 years ago. The people abandoned it in the middle of the Roman occupation, perhaps preferring life in the new Romano-British settlements in Croydon or Purley.

During archaeological excavations much pottery was found which was made locally but some, known as samian ware, was imported from Gaul - what is now France. Lots of flakes of flint were also dug up, used to cut up food and for other tasks.  Some shards are on display in the Junior Corridor and a Roman brooch from below the infant wing is kept at the Museum of London.


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