Our School Improvement Plan is driven by our vision for the school and our journey to achieving the long term aims in our Educational Strategy 2020-25. It is informed by our regular monitoring and self-evaluation of our strengths and the areas where we want to improve further.


What are our School Improvement Targets for this year?


  • Embedding the Atwood approaches to the teaching of writing so that outcomes are above national, meet Fischer Family Trust 50 and move towards Fischer Family Trust 20 benchmarks.


  • Improving outcomes in reading and continue to develop a positive reading culture across the school.


  • Developing fluency in recall of number facts in order to improve outcomes in mathematics.


  • Continuing to develop the Atwood Curriculum, including diversity and inclusion within this and in wider school life.


  • Continuing to develop and strengthen leadership at all levels.


  • Promoting the well-being of all stakeholders.


  • Using the Catch-Up strategies and funding in order to close major learning gaps for identified pupils.


  • Developing a robust safeguarding culture with specific focus around sexual violence and sexual harassment.



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