Our School Improvement Plan is driven by our vision for the school and our journey to achieving the long term aims in our Educational Strategy 2020-25. It is informed by our regular monitoring and self-evaluation of our strengths and the areas where we want to improve further.


What are our School Improvement Targets for this year?


  • To improve writing outcomes for all children with a particular focus on writing increasing the proportion of children working at ‘greater depth’, closing the gender gap by concentrating on the learning sequence, reasons for writing (including writing through other subjects and contexts), the acquisition of a broader vocabulary and the application of more accurate spelling skills.


  • To strengthen the well-being of staff in order to have a positive impact on pupils’ outcomes.


  • To strengthen subject leadership to ensure school improvement continues by focusing on the impact of actions.


  • To develop and implement the Atwood Curriculum to ensure that its Intention, Implementation and Impact are of the highest quality and bespoke for Atwood children


  • To embed and further develop a robust culture of Safeguarding.


  • To generate an extra £50k in funds each year to support curriculum spending and to improve the financial stability of the school with the long term aim being to improve reserves to £100k. To work with a suitable 3rd party in order to secure capital funding to improve the school premises.



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