Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 and the final year of the Infants, where our children will prepare for the important transition into the Juniors! During this year, they will continue to learn through exciting topics.

You will see from our Curriculum Overview during Year 2, the children will discover all about:  People of the past; the Magic Toy-maker; all about health; from A to B- transport.

During our A to B topic, the children will take part in an exciting trip to the world famous Brooklands Motor Museum in which they will explore and research facts about the world of transport. As part of our science, 'Wild Science' come in with a range of  animals such as tarantulas and snakes for the children to learn about.


In science, the children will develop their scientific skills and knowledge within the following areas:  The uses of everyday materials; living things and their habitats. The children will also use our outdoor environment to observe and support their understanding of plants as well as the seasonal changes that occur during the year.


During music, the children will be singing songs and exploring tuned percussion, expanding on knowledge of pitch, dynamics and tempo.  They will take part in weekly music assemblies (Years 1 and 2) where all children have the opportunity to perform on their chosen instrument, building confidence, self-esteem and a sense of achievement.  Rounding off the academic year, Year 2 put on a spectacular show for their parents, carers and relatives


In Year 2, the children will also deepen their mathematical knowledge and broaden their skills in writing and reading, whilst also consolidating their phonological knowledge from Year 1 on a daily basis.

Our staff actively encourage a more independent and resilient approach to learning during Year 2. This will support their development of team-work and collaboration skills.


Statutory Assessments

In the summer term, children at the end of Key Stage 1 will sit their Standard Attainment Tasks (SATs) papers. The children will take SATs in: Reading, English grammar, punctuation and spelling and maths. Children will be given a standardised score for these tests.


Teacher assessments will also be used to build up a picture of your child’s learning and achievements. In addition, your child will receive an overall result saying whether they have achieved the required standard in the tests.


Year 2 Phonics Screening

Due to Covid-19 and lockdown, primary schools nationally were unable to administer the statutory Year 1 Phonic Screening check as usual in June. The Government has decided that primary schools must administer the Phonics Screening Check to all Year 2 children in  of this new academic year.​ The children will take the check in the second half of the autumn term. Please follow the links below for more information.


Oxford Owl

Phonics Play

YouTube: Phoneme Pronunciation

Letters and Sounds YouTube Channel


Curriculum Guidance

Curriculum Overview

Click here to see the topics covered in Year 2 over the year.


RSE Curriculum

Babies and Where They Come From

Private Parts and Personal Space


Understanding Hygiene


End of Year Expectations

What your child should know by the end of Year 2.


Year 2 Spring Newsletter 2022


Common Exception Words - Years 1 and 2