Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 and the beginning of the Juniors, where our children have now made the important transition from the Infants! During this year, they will get to grips with more complex learning as they embark on our Key Stage 2 curriculum and rise to meet new expectations.

You will see from our Curriculum Overview that during Year 3, the children will find out how we all learn (including the parts of the brain) in our Brainwave topic; develop their historical knowledge of the Egyptians in our Temples, Tombs and Treasures project; explore volcanoes, earthquakes and rocks in the Active Planet topic; and find out about how Romans impacted on Britain. To enhance their knowledge of Roman life in Britain we plan to visit a Roman Villa.

During the Active Planet topic, the children will take part in a workshop in which they will explore and research exciting facts about volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes.

In science, the children will develop their scientific skills and knowledge within the following areas: forces and magnets; rocks; plants and animals, including humans.

During music, the children will begin to learn the recorder. Within lessons, they will develop their coordination by blowing and using finger patterns to rehearse different notes. In addition, the children will learn to play songs from different cultures e.g. China (the pentatonic scale), Brazil (Samba music), Calypso (Trinidad & Tobago) and Reggae music (Jamaica). Within this, advanced rhythm work will be covered and the children will also participate in the Christmas production as the choir. For their annual music trip, they will attend The Classical Roadshow performance (London Mozart Players).

In Year 3, the children will also deepen their mathematical knowledge and broaden their skills in writing and reading, whilst also consolidating their phonological knowledge from Key Stage 1.

Our staff actively encourage a more independent and resilient approach to learning during Year 3, this will support their development of team-work and collaboration skills.

Curriculum Guidance

Curriculum Overview

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End of Year Expectations

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