Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 and the second year of the Lower Juniors!  Our children have now made another important transition from Year 3 and during this important year, get to grips with even more complex learning as they continue our Key Stage 2 curriculum and expectations.

You will see from our Curriculum Overview that during Year 4, the children: develop their historical knowledge of the earliest humans in the Scavengers and Settlers topic; compare early life in Britain with life in early life in South America when they study the Mayans; find out about how different explorers navigated, discovered and mapped the world in the Explorers and Adventurers project; and explore the local area's geography and history and compare this with a European country in the  Different Places Similar Lives topic. These topics cover a range of history and geography skills.

In Science we learn about: Changing State; Electricity; Sound; and Living things and different habitats.

Our Year 4 children also continue to deepen their mathematical knowledge and broaden their skills in writing and reading, whilst applying their phonics knowledge to extend their spellings knowledge.

In June 2020, the children will carry out a statutory multiplication check as part of governments assessment cycle. This is new this year. By the end of Year 4, the expectation is that the children will be able to recall all their times tables up to 12 x 12 at speed. The test is a short on-line assessment giving 6 seconds for each question. Through the year children will be continuing to work on their times table knowledge and given regular assessment and rehearsals to recall at speed.

The Year 4 team actively encourage a more independent and resilient approach to learning during Year 4, whilst still developing the vital skills of team-work and collaboration.

One way the children develop their team-work skills is through the Year 3 & Year 4 performance which takes place in the Spring Term. The Year 4 children take on the acting, prop making and sound to produce a much looked forward to production.

In the summer term, Year 4 have Camp Atwood and Pirate day. This is a chance for the children to spend an evening sleeping under the stars within the school grounds, developing their resilience and preparing them for future school journeys.

As part of our Scavengers and Settlers topic, where children learn about life in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, the children visit Butser Farm. This is a place where Archaeologists reconstruct homes from the different ages based on evidence from archaeological digs across the country.  During the trip, the children have the opportunity to try out Prehistoric skills and sit in reconstructed Prehistoric homes!



Curriculum Guidance

Curriculum Overview

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End of Year Expectations

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