Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 and the first year of the Upper Juniors!  Our children have now made another important transition from the Lower Junior and during this important year, get to grips with even more complex learning as they continue our Key Stage 2 curriculum and expectations.

You will see from our IPC overview that during Year 5, the children learn about: The Victorians, commencing with a super trip to the Ragged School in East London; forces; how we learn and remember things; different holiday localities; becoming a 3D designer by looking at structures; the functioning parts of plants; changing state in science, space exploration and communication.

Our Year 5 children also continue to deepen their mathematical knowledge and broaden their skills in writing and reading, taking on more challenging concepts aimed at developing higher order thinking skills.

Our staff actively encourage a more independent and resilient approach to learning during Year 5, whilst still developing the vital skills of team-work and collaboration.  Our expectation is that our children in Upper Juniors think more critically about the world around them and seek to answer and respond to more complex local, national and international issues.  Year 5 pupils also take on more whole-school responsibilities.

Year 5 can look forward to a one-night residential stay at Carroty Wood, an outdoor activity centre situated in Kent.  Here the children will have opportunities to experience a range of exciting activities as well as developing team building skills and embracing thrill-seeking challenges.  During the summer term, Year 5 are invited to attend enrichment days at local secondary schools.

During Year 5, it is sensible to start thinking about which secondary school would be best for your child when the time comes for them to leave Atwood. For this reason, many children and parents start attending secondary school open evenings and planning for the transition during this year.

As well as offering special meetings to help in this process, you will also find information about Croydon secondary schools by clicking:

Curriculum Guidance

Curriculum Overview

Click here to see the topics covered in Year 5 throughout the year.


Year 5 Autumn Newsletter 2019

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