Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 and the final year of the Upper Juniors! Year 6 is a crucial year for our children as they prepare to make the very important transition from Primary School to Secondary School and during this important year, the children will be more formally assessed during the Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) week in May.

In line with other children nationally, Atwood children complete national standard tests in reading; spelling, punctuation and grammar and maths and teachers also make their own assessments of each child's progress and ability to compare with the test results. Both the SATs results and teacher assessments are sent to parents with each child's end of year report so that you are kept informed.

You will see from our Curriculum Overview that during Year 6, the children learn about: World War 2 as part of their post 1066 knowledge; evolution and Darwin; the Greeks and their influence on democracy and language; and rivers around the world which includes a local river study;

Our Year 6 children also continue to deepen their mathematical knowledge and broaden their skills in writing and reading, taking on more challenging concepts aimed at developing higher order thinking skills.  This is done in the context of preparing for more formal testing and so our children will often work in smaller groups tailored to their particular needs and will sometimes receive focused tutoring delivered by Atwood staff.

Our staff actively encourage a more independent and resilient approach to learning during Year 6, whilst still developing the vital skills of team-work and collaboration.  Our expectation is that our children in Upper Juniors think more critically about the world around them and seek to answer and respond to more complex local, national and international issues.  Year 6 pupils also take on whole-school responsibilities, including Head Girl and Head Boy.  Our Year 6 children are expected to set the best possible example to our younger children at all times.

Children are provided with immersive learning experiences throughout the year, which help to consolidate and deepen their understanding of the world around them.  In the Autumn Term, children visit the home and gardens of Sir Winston Churchill.  They have the opportunity to ask experts lots of questions about his life, family and home; admire the wide collection of his paintings; create a landscape portrait of his home and gardens and explore an actual WW2 bomb crater.

In the Summer, children visit Morden Hall Park in order to discover more about rivers and their role in the ecosystem.  Children have the privilege of working alongside real scientists to conduct a systematic river study, by taking river samples, making observations and recording their findings.

Also in the Summer, children have the opportunity to attend a 4-night residential trip to Stubbers Adventure Centre in Upminster, Essex. Developing important teamwork and social skills, children are exposed to thrilling and challenging activities in a safe and supportive environment.  More information can be found, here:

Transition to Secondary School

In October, Year 6 parents need to complete Croydon council's online application form stating their preferred choice of secondary school. Guidance and reminders will be given to parents about this.

The London Borough of Croydon will write to parents in spring to inform them of the result of the application. Once secondary schools have been identified for Year 6 children, staff from Year 7 in the schools will visit Atwood to meet each child and the Year 6 teacher. There will also be various opportunities to visit secondary schools throughout the year.

At the end of the year, children in Year 6 are joined by children in Year 5 in producing and performing an end of year play.  Year 6 children also take part in a special Leavers' Assembly. The children also organise a Prom and end of school party for themselves, as well as visit Chessington World of Adventures to see out their amazing time at Atwood in style!

Curriculum Guidance

Curriculum Guidance

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