We feel that the provision for music at Atwood is excellent and makes us unique among other Croydon schools.  As such, Atwood employs its own Director of Music, Mr Glenn, who leads on our music provision.  If you would like to discuss your child’s music education, or find out more about music tuition, he can be contacted via the school office.

Atwood boasts one large music classroom with two adjacent smaller practise rooms, as well as a larger practise room opposite our library.  Furthermore, Atwood has a separate ‘Green Screen Room’ so that children can record various TV shows against the green background.  Within the same room, there is a Radio Station for children to make their own radio shows.

The reason staff and governors believe so much in music is that it has been proven to have a significant number of benefits that aid every child with their academic subjects, as well as with their social, spiritual, mental and emotional development.  Music if fun and engaging, and there are always opportunities to meet like minded friends through music.

For some useful information from the Arts Council on how music helps us learn, click here.

We believe that the voice is the central instrument at our school.  We believe that musicality, self expressions and artistic creativity can all be accessed through the human voice.  Therefore, we teach the children to sing songs, rhymes, rounds, raps and melodies from around the world.  We teach the children to perform with confidence.  Music helps us all to make sense of the world, our feelings, our dreams and our wishes, and most importantly, it is fun!

Extending from the voice, our children are introduced to a range of musical instruments.  Here is our typical progressions in instruments:

Untuned percussion

Xylophones & tuned percussion


African drums






We introduce the children to both standard and non-standard music notation. Along the way, children can opt for individual or small group tuition on the following instruments:








These can be studied to a grade level or for general musicianship. 


Instrumental Lessons

Music Staff

Music Curriculum 2019-2020

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