The new committee for 2017/2018 has now been formed following the AGM meeting. Our Friends of Atwood Primary Committee consists of 4 Officers (Chair, Deputy Chair, Treasurer and Secretary).  We also have another 5 parent members who make up the full committee.

All parents, carers, teachers and friends of Atwood are welcome to attend as many meetings as they like without being on the committee.

Current Officers (2017/2018)

The Committee meet monthly during term time, plus there may be further smaller working groups, as necessary, to organise our bigger events.

Committee roles and responsibilities

The key elements of the structure of the association are the:

  • constitution (governing document)
  • members
  • committee
  • trustees



All associations need a constitution. This is a document which establishes the fundamental rules by which the association is governed and describes:

  • the aims of the association and its powers 
  • its membership
  • the size of the committee and how members are elected 
  • the need for an annual audit and general meeting



A committee is a team of volunteers who are elected at the association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) to manage the association on behalf of the members. There are two types of committee member, Officer and Ordinary (or Other) member.  Officers have specific roles such as Chair, Treasurer and/or Secretary.  Ordinary Committee Members play a vital role working alongside and supporting the Officers.

All committee members have equal voting rights, with the exception of the Chair, who has an additional casting vote, should this be needed.