The Atwood Green Team is a  group of Atwood parents formed in April 2019 who work closely with Atwood Primary Academy and the Friends of Atwood (FOAP) on reviewing and rolling out green initiatives that are viable and appropriate. The support we’ve received so far has been overwhelming and we hope to build on that in the near future.


Atwood has already been working on some fantastic initiatives such as the battery recycling and the Walk on Wednesdays schemes. It feels like an ideal time for more parents to get involved in green initiatives.


Who we are:  Siobhan Fitzgerald, Anna Orridge, Emily Horne, Margarita Polyviou, & Marianne Daniels.



current initiatives


Tree Planting

To increase tree and hedge cover at school, we have applied for 60 tree saplings and 60 hedges from the Woodland Trust’s scheme of free trees for schools. If our application is successful, delivery will be due in November 2019 when the planting can begin.


The Summer Fair

We are working closely with FOAP as part of an initiative to increase recycling at school fairs.


Walk on Wednesdays

This is a great initiative that Atwood has already signed up to, which not only gets children walking but also reduces the amount of traffic and air pollution near school. We fully support this.


Eco Champions

Atwood has embraced our idea of having two 'Eco Champions' in each class from Reception upwards. We will be meeting with them in due course to discuss their ideas and how we can implement them. We are delighted that children will form a central part of what we do.





We have signed up to a number of recycling schemes. All schemes are quite specific, so please help us by noting the exact details of what we can collect.



Atwood collects used batteries as part of a Duracell scheme. These can be dropped off at the school office between now and 3rd June 2019 and the Green Team can also collect them from you on Friday mornings by the library at drop off.

We collect: AAA, AA, C and D batteries


Crisp Packets

Walkers, in conjunction with Terracycle, collect empty crisp packets and recycle them in return for a small reward for the school.

We collect: Any brand or size of empty crisp packet, including the multipack outer bag. Walkers will only collect crisp packets.


Writing Instruments

We can also take your used writing implements for recycling, as part of a BIC recycling scheme. Currently the scheme is closed to new locations, but we will collect them and take them to another local school’s official collection point once a substantial amount have been collected. You can drop them off in front of the library on Friday mornings.

We can collect: Any brand of pen, felt tip, highlighter, marker, correction fluid pot, correction tape, mechanical pencil and eraser pen regardless of their composition.


Printer Cartridges

Your empty printer cartridges can earn money for the school! You can drop them off in front of the library on Friday mornings.

We collect: Canon, HP and Samsung cartridges.

Click here to see the list of models we can accept.


Longer Term Objectives?

We are keen to support Atwood’s Forest School and the Nature Club. We will be meeting with school in the next few weeks to discuss ideas.

Atwood’s new Eco Champions will no doubt come up with many exciting ideas over the next few months.

We are looking into various Eco School certifications to put forward a proposal to Atwood. If school agree to this, in conjunction with the Eco Champions and our team, this would drive a number of exciting projects and bring a green focus to the classroom and the sustainability of the school.


Join us?  Suggestions?

This is all about a greener environment for children and if your children have any ideas, please bring them to us.

Are you interested in being part of the Green Team supporting Atwood on its journey to become a greener school? You don’t need any particular qualifications – if you care about the environment and have a little bit of spare time to do some research, attend a meeting, help with our recycling initiatives, or to help spread the word of what we’re doing amongst parents, please get in touch.

Of course, if you have skills such as DIY/carpentry or know about recycling, composting, gardening, growing vegetables, fundraising or reducing carbon footprints, we’d also love to hear from you!