‘ A different language is a different vision of life.’

Federico Fellini


At Atwood, at Key Stage 2, we made the decision for our Modern Foreign Language to be Spanish as it is one of the most spoken languages in the world.  We believe that learning a foreign language is a liberation from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures. Our teaching of Spanish, as our chosen modern foreign language, offers pupils the opportunity to:

  • Develop an enthusiasm and enjoyment about language
  • Develop speaking and listening skills
  • Gain confidence and competence to communicate in another language
  • Increase awareness of language structure and draw comparisons between the structure from one language to another
  • Develop a positive attitude towards people who speak languages different from their own
  • Develop an awareness of cultural differences between countries


Children in Years 3 to 6 have weekly Spanish lessons taught by their class teacher, using the on-line programme  Languagenut which is aligned to the National Curriculum expectations for Modern Foreign Languages.

At Atwood, we use our judgement on when we introduce language to our children, only doing so after they demonstrate suitable proficiency in other key areas (phonics). For example, in Year 3, we might not start the teaching of Spanish until the spring term if the cohort needs further consolidation to secure their Phonics knowledge and application. In Year 6, we have chosen to teach the Spanish units in a block in summer term in preparation for their transition to secondary school.

At Atwood, it is our aim to give all pupils the opportunity to learn, enjoy and make progress in Spanish. The children are taught within their year group, where they have the opportunity to work as a whole class, individually or in small groups.  Depending on the activity, children will work in ‘matched-ability’ or ‘mixed ability’ groups.

At Atwood we are lucky to be subscribed to Languagenut to support our children in their learning of Spanish, both at school and home. Languagenut has a multi-sensory approach to learning Spanish and also makes practising the language fun! This engages and facilitates children's learning of another language. All our children, Year 3- to 6, and adults have been provided with a login for Languagenut, please contact the Office if you need your children's login. The link to the Languagenut website can be found below in Curriculum Guidance.

To extend the languages offered at Atwood, both Key Stage 1 and 2 children may also learn French as part of a paid lunchtime club taught by an experienced French speaking tutor.

Curriculum Guidance

Spanish Curriculum Overview

An  overview of how Spanish is taught across each KS2 year group.


National Curriculum for Languages

A detailed description of the knowledge and skills taught for Key Stage 2.



Click here to access the Languagenut primary language resources to practise at home with your child.