REMOTE learning during a school closure


Google Classroom is the portal used for any Remote or Home Learning. Below you can view instructions on how to log in and how to upload work.

If your child does not know their login details, or you are having problems, please email  Mrs Standing ( ).


Read our Remote Learning Policy here.

DFE Supporting Your Child's Remote Learning including resources for Mental Health and Well Being

Google Meets


Below are the instructions for how to access Google Meets and the rules your child should follow when using it.


Google Meets Letter to Parents


How to log in to Google Classroom


How to Upload Work to Google Classroom


Atwood Remote Learning Provision

Parent Summary of Atwood’s Remote Learning Policy 

This information pertained to Remote Learning due to COVID, however we have decided to keep this information on our website just in case we have to return to remote learning for any reason!

We have outlined below the Remote Learning Provision, which we aim to provide. Please do take time to read this and seek support if you are unsure of anything. We appreciate that some families might not be able to engage with the full timetable or learning provided by the teachers, and in this case suggest they focus on key learning priorities to try to reduce the impact on children’s core Maths (including times-tables and fluency facts where applicable) and English skills (including Phonics, Reading and Spelling.)

Remote Educational Provision for Individual Pupils Who Are Self-Isolating or Shielding

If individual pupils are confirmed to be self-isolating or shielding due to COVID:

  • class teachers will provide access to a weekly timetable of remote learning activities. These will be available on Google Classroom under the heading COVID absence learning. This learning will, as much as possible, link to our long-term curriculum plans and the learning those in school will be doing, while remaining manageable for staff to prepare in addition to their usual weekly workload. To do this, teachers will adapt and supplement the materials being using during the lessons in school with high quality on-line resources such as the Oak Academy
  • staff will make contact via Google Classroom at least once a week, and will, endeavour to give support where needed while balancing their workload inside of school.

Remote Educational Provision for Whole Classes if the class teacher is well.

In the event that a whole class or classes have to self-isolate, and the class teacher is well, the class teacher will:

  • post weekly activities on Google Classroom for their class. This will outline a range of learning activities in the full range of subject areas and contain tasks and links to follow (in any order and at a time that suits across the week). It will also include the teacher’s break times and phone time slots so parents know when teachers are online;
  • will post a pre-recorded daily video to outline the day’s activities;
  • be available during the day (Mon-Fri) between 8:40am and 12:15, and 13:15 and 2pm to support children with feedback and questions via the Google Chat facility; (After 2pm, teachers will make phone calls.)
  • provide pre-recorded instructional videos for specific daily lessons so children can access these flexibly;
  • provide suitable materials for the children to access the learning;
  • provide links to extension activities;
  • provide feedback for learning for at least the Maths and English activities on a regular basis;
  • ensure that each family is contacted at least once a week. (Between 2pm and 4pm Mon to Fri)

In the event of a National Lockdown which includes the closure of schools but open for Keyworker children

 Under these circumstances, the home learning provision will continue on Google Classroom but be adapted to reflect the reduced availability of staff who are supporting Key Worker children in school.  The school will endeavour to provide the same quality of provision as stated above. A rota will be set up to ensure home learning is monitored and children supported with families rung on a weekly basis in the initial weeks but after this, rung twice weekly. The school will draw on a range of resources including lessons and activities prepared by the teachers and the Oak Academy, to provide learning which is matched to the school curriculum and meets the Government expectations for Remote Learning during a Lockdown. The school will also begin to introduce live Google Meet sessions, initially on a weekly basis, to support with children's well-being during a Lockdown.


Procedures for telephoning families.

Teachers and staff will:

  • where possible use a school phone;
  • when using their own phone, use 141 to conceal their number;
  • not give their personal numbers to parents and parents should not ask for these;
  • record time and date of telephone call;
  • ask parental permission to speak to the child and ask them to keep the phone on speaker phone and remain present during the conversation;
  • not breach Data Protection Guidance regarding personal data.


Parental support for remote learning

As we have previously said, we are aware of the different set-ups at home and we will do all that we can to support all Atwood children with their learning through a flexible approach. We know that by working together, while we cannot replicate the learning and interactions they have in school, we can hopefully minimise the impact of time out of school on their progress.

We ask that you:

  • encourage your child (children) to fully engage in the home learning provided by the teachers;
  • encourage your child/children to complete as much of the learning as they can but prioritise maths and English if your time is limited by family or work commitments or health;
  • support your child in the learning as best you can, especially our youngest children. However, you are not expected to be their teacher unless you want to take this role;
  • aim to provide a regular routine for learning as this makes things easier for children and parents; Supporting Home Learning routines (EEF)  Cartoon Video
  • ask for help or inform us of the challenges via the school office or by contacting Mrs Gambier; (
  • be respectful when contacting teachers via the Google chat facility or emailing the office or SLT about concerns;
  • take responsibility for your child’s /children’s on-line learning safety.

Resources to help your child:


Safeguarding & Remote Learning:

With the increased use of digital technologies that comes with remote learning, safeguarding implications need careful consideration.

Parents are advised to spend time speaking with their children about online safety and reminding them of the importance of reporting to an adult anything that makes them feel uncomfortable online. While we will be doing our best to ensure links shared are appropriate, there may be tailored advertising which displays differently in your household or other changes beyond our control.


Online safety concerns should still be reported to the school’s Online Safety Lead Gemma Docherty as normal via the office email. Please mark these emails FAO Online Safety Lead.

The following websites offer useful support:




Establishing a Routine and Timetable


There will be deadlines for some of the tasks to support you and your family in structuring your “working day”. We know how challenging this will be and we recommend you do try to establish a routine as much as you can.

For example, mornings could be for core learning and afternoons for more active tasks. We recommend you agree a timetable. Below is an example which you could adapt to suit your family. It will help to display this and talk it through.



Links to good Learning sites


If you would like additional learning activity sources, here are some links to start you off. We will update these are more become available.




E-Safety Advice


With so much activity going on online during the coronavirus outbreak, you may have concerns about online safety. For advice, tips, and guidance on what to do if you have any worries, click the link below.