We have set up “My USO” as our on-line learning platform for children to access home learning. We wanted to use Google Classroom, but the setting up of this has taken a little longer than we hoped. Therefore, up until Easter at least we will be using My USO. Instructions for this are below - please scroll down.

This is as much a learning process for us as it is for you so there will inevitably be challenges. I know you will support us. We will try to ensure consistency and regularity but as things change we might have to adapt provision. We will try to keep you as fully informed as we can.


Login details – User name and password

You should have your child’s LGFL username and password. The children use these to login at school so should know their username and password and we have sent them home this week. However, if your child does not know their login details, or you are having problems, please email either Mrs Standing ( ) or Mrs Gambier ( ).


Home Learning Provision

We do not want to overload you or the children. The following is the provision we think is best at the moment.

  • Daily: A Mathematics & English task
  • Weekly: A spelling, science and topic task
  • Fortnightly: A Spanish and IT task for Key Stage 2
  • There will also be some voluntary open ended challenges.
  • We hope to set some PE activities which you might all want to join in!
  • Mr Glenn was also looking to set some music learning.


Establishing a Routine and Timetable

There will be deadlines for some of the tasks to support you and your family in structuring your “working day”. We know how challenging this will be and we recommend you do try to establish a routine as much as you can.

For example, mornings could be for core learning and afternoons for more active tasks. We recommend you agree a timetable. Below is an example which you could adapt to suit your family. It will help to display this and talk it through.




Links to good Learning sites

If you would like additional learning activity sources, here are some links to start you off. We will update these are more become available.