Welcome to Atwood Primary Academy Lion Radio

Atwood’s Radio Station, Lion Radio, was launched in January 2018, and Atwood is one of a very few primary schools which boasts a fully functioning Radio Station which uses industry standard software and technology.

Using Myriad 5 software, CD drives and mixing decks, our children experience what it is actually like to plan, produce and upload a proper radio show pod-cast.

Indeed, after only a year, Lion Radio was a finalist for the Young Arias 2019 award in the category of ‘Most Innovative Team’.  This amazing achievement saw a group of the Lion Radio Crew travel to the BBC in central London to take part in the award ceremony held in the BBC’s Radio Theatre.


There are many benefits to running Lion Radio for our pupils:

  • Inclusion - Lion Radio actively encourages our children to ‘find their voice’ or to help out behind the desk.
  • Building Confidence – Lion Radio allows our children to express their views and build their confidence whether it is discussing important issues or sharing ideas - Lion Radio really gives our children a confident voice within Atwood.
  • Develop Speaking & Listening Skills – Lion Radio is all about speaking and listening. Whether the children are presenting or just listening to a show, these vital skills are not only fundamental in radio but are essential for 'real world' skills
  • Improving Literacy – It may seem strange to be talking about writing skills in radio but the first time our children looks at the 'mic' and then asks what they should say, they realise they need to write scripts and prepare ‘between’ links.
  • Giving Students A Voice and Empowerment- Lion Radio offers a platform for or children to discuss the issues that matter to them in a non-confrontational format.  Whether it is discussing important issues or sharing the music they love, Lion Radio gives our children a voice within Atwood.
  • Teamwork -  Planning and presenting our radio shows requires a great deal of teamwork, commitment and dedication.  Our children learn to work under pressure and to deadlines to produce high quality radio shows and this can only be achieved by pulling together as a team.  We believe that these are transferable skills into the ‘real world’.  And Lion Radio is FUN!


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