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Back to School

We hope you have all had a relaxing summer break. Children return to school on Tuesday 3rd September at their usual time. Please ensure your child has everything they need with them when they return, including P.E. kits, water bottles etc. All belongings should be clearly named.

Open Days

We now have dates available for touring the school. Please select a date from the list below and call or email the school to book your place. Tours should last around one hour and are aimed at adults, although if you have childcare issues then please do bring your child with you. There is no parking on the school site, but there is plenty on local streets. After the tours we will have Nursery application forms to take away, and also guidance available on how to apply for your place in Reception.

Monday 30th September – 9:30am AND 1:30pm

Tuesday 1st October – 9:30am AND 1:30pm

Wednesday 2nd October – 9:30am AND 1:30pm

Thursday 3rd October – 9:30am AND 1:30pm

Friday 4th October – 9:30am AND 1:30pm

Monday 11th November – 9:30am AND 1:30pm

Tuesday 12th November – 9:30am AND 1:30pm

Wednesday 13th November – 9:30am AND 1:30pm

Thursday 14th November – 9:30am AND 1:30pm

Friday 15th November – 9:30am AND 1:30pm


To book your place, please email or call 0208 657 7374.

Met Mark

Atwood’s Weather Station was set up in September 2018, aimed at increasing the children’s understanding of the weather by taking accurate readings and making weather observations.  Miss Hardy, our Science Leader, has been working very hard to collate evidence of children’s scientific enquiry in order for Atwood to be awarded the Met Mark.  We found out on Monday 10th June 2019 that we have been awarded the Met Mark.  Dr. Sylvia Knight, Head of Education from the Royal Meteorological Society, said, ‘I think Atwood’s was possibly the strongest application I have seen; what a great collection of activities!’

To be awarded the Met Mark is a great achievement for the children and to find out on a day of terrific low pressure which caused non-stop rain was certainly memorable! We had so much rain that the children had to carry out some maintenance on our makeshift rain gauge.  This was because we had more than 500ml of rain in a day which was too much for the measuring jug!  We have upgraded the jug to 1000ml just in case.  Thanks go to Miss Hardy for her hard work and also to the Friends of Atwood Primary who funded the equipment.

Dads’ Breakfast

On Monday 20th November we are holding a fun breakfast session for dads and male relatives/carers. Drop off your child and sign in at the office, then make your way to the Junior Hall. Your child will join you after registration for breakfast and games. The session should last around an hour, and was a great success last time. If you would like to attend on Monday, please could you let Miss Colbron know by emailing

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