All About Me

My name is Monty and I am a miniature dachshund. My owner is Miss Ingram, but during the day I stay at school. At first I was shy but now I am getting to know lots of the staff, and getting tons of cuddles.

On this page I will post pictures of me and my adventures, so be sure to visit regularly to see what I've been up to...

Click here to read the letter about me that was sent out to parents!



Monty is a loving, affectionate and gentle school well-being dog  who visits our school most days. He has become a valued member of the school community with children in nursery right through to Year 6 and parents and carers wanting to say hello, visiting the different classes and spending lots of time with children. Monty goes out with different members of support staff for regular interventions with children across the school building on social skills, developing self-esteem and responsibility and spends time in classes with the children.
Monty has been beneficial for all children but particularly our more vulnerable children who are rewarded with positive behaviours and learning with Monty time. He goes on regular walks with some of our children with special educational needs and we have seen some vast improvements in behaviour, social skills and development and confidence. He has also brought a lot of joy to children who do not have a pet at home and always makes people smile. Monty has not only benefited the well-being of the children at school but also some of the staff members who love a cuddle. We have been really pleased with the impact of having a dog in school so far and look forward to seeing this journey continue.


Hello, everyone! Guess what - this week it was my birthday and I am now 2 years old. My mummy Miss Ingram took a lovely new photo of me to mark the special occasion and I had beautiful birthday card drawn by Miss Poppe. Best of all, she had bought me a delicious bone as my present - yum yum! Now off to bury it....

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you had a lovely Christmas. I had a very nice time, lounging around in my Christmas jumpers, playing with my new toy and resting on the chair. Well, Christmas is a time for relaxing!

I was very excited to come back to school and see all of you again. I wonder if we'll get any snow soon? I haven't seen snow yet - I'm not sure if I will like it as my tummy is very close to the ground, but I will definitely try it!

Christmas is coming and I'm very excited! Do you like my new Christmas pudding jumper? I think I look very Christmassy and cosy.

Have you made your lists yet? I have - I've asked Santa for a new bone and a squeaky toy - I hope he thinks I've been good this year! I've only pooped in the office twice!

I'm looking forward to some tasty treats at Christmas dinner too - hopefully there will be some turkey left - yum!

Have a lovely Christmas and I'll see you all again in the New Year!



Hello everyone! I'm back for a new year at Atwood. I hope you all had a good summer and had lots of fun - I certainly did!

Over the holidays I went camping in the New Forest and had a lovely day at the seaside at Bexhill with some of my doggy friends - check out the picture of me on the beach!

I had a very exciting visit to London too. I went on the train to the Dachshund Cafe. Can you see me on the special sofa? I definitely needed a nap after all my summer fun!

I'm really looking forward to meeting lots of you this year - come and give me a stroke if you see me!

Hi everyone! Have you been enjoying this hot weather? I have - I've been spending lots of time sunning myself outside the staff room, and getting my tummy rubbed whenever I can - it's my favourite thing, apart from cheese, of course! Recently I went for a lovely walk on Reigate Hill - look how high up I was! Can you spot the other dog in the background?

I was a bit sad about England losing the football on Wednesday - I'm very good at chasing a ball and I think I could play for England one day. I bet I would score lots of goals!

This morning I have been playing in the office. My favourite game is to wait until someone opens the door and then sneak out! I run into the staff room and outside onto the grass. When I came back inside I had a delicious snack of watermelon and then a nice snooze after all my hard work.

When you're a school dog, it's important to look your best. Miss Ingram bought me a lovely new collar with a special tag on it that says 'Monty'. See if you can spot it in the pictures. I think I look very smart now! I was supposed to be helping Miss Ingram with her work today in the staff room, but it was too comfy on her lap and I accidentally dozed off. I had another beautiful picture drawn for me by Kariss in Red Class - thank you, Kariss - I love all the different stamps you used!

Today I had a very busy day. I did some loud barking in the morning, and managed to get a few minutes in the office, sniffing round and saying hello to people at the counter. Later on, Miss Ingram took me outside where I had a fun time eating grass and playing in the sunshine. I was tired after all that, and had a snooze on Miss Ingram's lap!


I had a lovely half term and hope you did too! On Monday I was very pleased to be back and ran straight to Mrs Townsend's room where my bed and toys are kept when I am at school. I think Mrs Townsend missed me! Later that day I had a nice surprise - Izzy in Red Class had drawn a beautiful picture of me, herself and Miss Ingram. There's me - in the middle surrounded by hearts. Thank you, Izzy!


When I went out for my walk today I was so excited to bump into some children from Nursery on their way home. They were very pleased to see me and I got lots of strokes! Then I got another present - this time a lovely picture coloured in by Sophie in Ruby Class. Thank you, Sophie!

Today I had some lovely presents from the children - pictures of me and Miss Ingram from Poppy in 4G and a fantastic piece of writing from Dhillan in Red Class - all about me too! I was very proud to inspire such amazing work - thank you, Poppy and Dhillan!

I had a lovely weekend in the sunshine - check me out enjoying a ride in Miss Ingram's bike basket! On Monday when I came into school I had a very nice surprise waiting for me - a new teddy from Mrs Burr. Thank you, Mrs Burr - I love it!

This morning I went for a walk in the sunshine with Miss Ingram. On the way back we bumped into some Year 5 girls who were very excited to meet me!

Today I have been busy exploring Mrs Groves' and Mrs Townsend's offices and getting cuddles from anyone who came in. I spotted some tasty paperwork in Mrs Townsend's office but she wouldn't let me chew it! Instead I had some delicious puppy food in my bowl. In the afternoon I had a lovely walk with Mr Townsend out by the cycle pods, and helped to type a letter in the office.