‘The important thing is to never stop questioning.’

Albert Einstein



At Atwood, we follow the Kent Scheme of Work for Science which places ‘working scientifically’ at the heart of the children’s learning. The children develop their scientific skills within the knowledge content of biology, chemistry and physics by participating in a variety of investigations. The children will also gain an understanding of themselves and the world around them.

At Key Stage 1, our pupils observe, explore and pose scientific questions about living things, materials and phenomena.  They begin to work collaboratively to collect evidence and simple data which help them to answer scientific questions.  The children are also encouraged to evaluate their evidence. Using a wide variety of reference materials, pupils find out about scientific ideas and key scientists.  The children share their ideas using scientific language, drawings, charts and tables.

At Key Stage 2, our pupils learn about a wider range of living things, materials and phenomena.  They begin to make links between ideas and explain things using models and theories.  The children apply their knowledge and understanding of the scientific concepts to familiar phenomena, everyday things and personal health.  They begin to think about the positive and negative effects of scientific and technological developments on the environment as well as in other contexts.  The children carry out more systematic lines of scientific enquiry (including fair testing), working independently and in small groups, using a wider range of scientific equipment. They talk about their scientific discoveries with increasing complexity to a wider range of audiences, communicating with a greater range of scientific language, diagrams, charts and graphs, drawing upon other areas of the curriculum such as English, mathematics and design technology.   

Curriculum Guidance

 Science Overview 2019-2020

A summary of the topics your child will study throughout the year.


Scientific Knowledge and Skills 2019-2020

A detailed description of the skills and knowledge taught in in each Key Stage.


National Curriculum for Science

Detailed information for each year group from the National Curriculum.


Scientific Journal

The children have created their own scientific journal detailing different experiments they have carried out. Take a look here!


Science Competition 2020 - Primary Activity Pack